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Toca Boca Dance App for Motor Planning, Rhythmic Timing and Body Awareness

Toca Boca Dance App Your Therapy Source Review

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Every so often an app comes along that has to potential to actually get kids to move instead of just stare at a screen.  Toca Boca Dance is a great, fun app with that potential. It is available as a free version which offers quite a bit.  Basically, you dress your dancers and choreograph the dance.  Then a video is made of the completed dance.  So here is where the movement comes in – the kids can watch and learn the dance they created. You can pause the video or repeat parts so the kids can take their time learning the dance moves.

Maybe you want certain goals to be worked on like squatting, jumping or crossing midline.  How about you create some dances that include those moves with the app? Then the child can learn the dance that you choreographed.

DEFINITELY a must have freebie app for any pediatric OTs or PTs!  Get the Toca Boca Dance Free version or the full version.

Need more motor planning or body awareness activities?  Check out Rhythmic Motion or Personal Space Journey.

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