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Elephant Fine Motor and Counting Game

elephant fine motor fun from Your Therapy Source

Print this adorable elephant freebie to encourage fine motor skills and counting.

1. Download and print page 2 of the elephant for each person playing the game.

elephant game fine motor skills Your Therapy Source2. Grab one die and some magnetic chips, colored sticker dots, crayons or play dough.
3. The object of the game is to be the first player to fill every circle on the elephant.
4. Player one rolls the die. For whatever number you roll, fill in that many circles. For example, if you roll a six, put six magnetic chips, stickers, play dough balls or color in the circles.
5. Player two takes a turn.
6. Continue play until one person has filled in all the circles to become the winner of the game.

Want to add in letter identification? Write letters in the circles. Place matching letter beads (or beans) into the circles.