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How To Establish a Brain Break Routine

How To Establish a Brain Break Routine

Do you lead or help teachers institute brain breaks in the classroom?  Try following the same brain break routine every time to help children understand the expectations.  This allows children to give their brains a well deserved break from learning and help them to process new information.  An effective brain break routine may consist of:

Deep breathing.
Brain Break Activities.
Review or introduction of academic material with movement.
Cool down with exercises to improve focus such as yoga.

deep breathingBegin with deep breathing or turning on “listening ears”.

brain breaks from https://yourtherapysource.com/rollsomefunfree.html

Participate in the brain break activity.  You could choose a one page brain break – Roll Some Fun or pick 5-10 cards from these seasonal brain breaks or brain break card sets.

Review some academic material for several minutes.  Teachers may want to sneak back in some cognitive practice right after the physical brain break for a few minutes or introduce new material with a kinesthetic approach.

Finish up with a few minutes of cool down and exercises that help to improve focus such as yoga.  Try to finish each brain break session with a calm down poem from the brain breaks collection or the same yoga poses every time to signal to the children that the brain break is over and they need to return to academic work.