Easy Mazes – Freebie!

Big Book of Mazes Freebie

Here are two easy mazes (freebie!) from the Big Book of Easy Mazes.  Mazes are excellent visual motor practice for children.  The only problem is sometimes they are just TOO hard.  These simple mazes are easier to complete helping to build a child’s confidence level.  Complete the piggy bank maze or the butterfly maze.  They are from the Big Book of Easy Mazes.


Big Book of Easy Mazes

Big Book of Easy Mazes digital download includes 36 black and white, easy and FUN mazes to complete. The easy mazes are suitable for preschool aged children and up. The picture mazes are animals, sports, flowers and more! The download includes the solutions to the mazes. Not only are mazes fun, they also help children to develop fine motor skills, visual perceptual skills and problem solving skills. These easier mazes will help children build their confidence skills. FIND OUT MORE.

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