Slide Bag Quiz – Fine Motor and Bimanual Skills

If you need to sneak in some bimanual and fine motor skills practice with academic material, the Slide Bag Quiz is perfect!  I was reading a blog post by Dr. Jean (excellent blog) on individual response techniques and she suggested a slide bag.  It seemed like a creative idea so I gave it a try.  It is actually a high level fine motor and bimanual task as well.  I created a template to make it easy to get started right away.

Print out the templates (see below).  The templates include b versus d (for reinforcement of letter identification to reduce letter reversals), numbers 1-10 and blank templates.

Fold over the bottom of the template so it will fit inside the slide bag.

Cut a piece of cardboard to also fit inside the bag.  This is optional but it does provide added stability.  Without it, it makes the task more difficult to move the slide.

Get started with your Slide Bag Quiz.  The child can slide it down to name shapes, colors, letters, vowels, numbers and sight words.  Create some flashcards and the child can slide to the correct answer.

Watch the video to see the Slide Bag Quiz in action.

Need more activities for letter reversals?  Check out Reversal Repair.  It is a multisensory intervention that includes twelve sequenced research-based activities to help students with persistent letter reversals. This program builds automaticity of oral, phonological, and written use of these frequently confused letters. Reversal Repair was created By Thia Triggs, school based OT.  Find out more information.  

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