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Do School Based Therapists Work Over the Summer?

Do School Based Therapists Work Over the Summer

Do school based therapists work over the summer?

Many times school based therapists are asked if they work over the summer.  For the past few months, the Your Therapy Source survey asked this question.  One of the reasons was to determine a general idea of whether school based occupational or physical therapists work over the summer.  Another reason was to find out if they work in schools or where else they may work over the summer.  When you are done reading please answer the current survey.

The results have been tallied after 258 responses to the question do school based therapists work over the summer:

Question #1:  What is your job title?

Question #2- Do you work over the summer at your school or elsewhere?

Question #3 – If yes and you work at your school, approximately what percentage of your caseload receives therapy for 12 months?

Question #4: If yes, but you work somewhere else over the summer, what do you do? (ie geriatrics, private pay, home care, waitress, tutoring etc.)


Below are the short answers that survey participants provided.  It is amazing the variety and skill set that everyone has.  It is very impressive!

geriatrics (5)
private pay (2)
sensory gym (2)
Cover another small school district as well
Private practice Pediatric PT clinic
Pedi outpatient
Summer residential camp and day camps
Swing bed & skilled nursing home
I work at my primary school setting
Geriatric LTC and home services
My job includes early intervention as well as school based related services. Our EI program is year round.
work PRN home care
PRN at local hospital
OT for a home care agency and docent at local small museum
Private practice Peds
Acute care hospital
acute care in a hospital
Retail, small business, shoes
private clinic
Pre-school, PCA, Housekeeping, Drive farm trucks
Private pediatric clinic
Church Childcare
Outpatient pediatric clinic
geriatrics and some outpatient peds
Developmental centers
Still in Early intervention as the center based program is year round.
I work for my school district and also cover for per diem at a skilled nursing facility
State funded Early Intervention home visits)
pediatric therapy clinic and private pay
work at a charter school/outpatient psych program for kids with mental illness and autism
Summer groups (pediatric clinic), home health pediatric
private practice pediatrics
Early intervention Peds
outpatient psych
B-3 Services; PRN work in LTC, Hosp. Inatient/Outpatient, or Home Health
Special Care Nursery (Level 1B)
extended school year for the cooperative (pediatrics)
0-3 Early Intervention
I also do peds home care in the summer
adult day health center
I work for a BOCES Extended School Year program. School age children who require an educational program to prevent regression.
pediatric outpatient in a clinic
outpatient pediatric therapy clinic; early intervention
Early Intervention (birth to 3 y/o)
I work in our office, creating programs, and inservices and at any of the schools as needed.
I also work pediatric out patients
Summer Program for regular ed children doing movement activities to supplement academic programs.
I work a small amount out my school in the summer and primarily work in a rural hospital/nursing home/outpatient clinic.
teach summer school and private tutoring
Charity in Cameroon Africa teaching about Sensory and motor play for a new school ministry for Autistic kids.
Home health
acute care in hospital
home care
clinic and home health
early intervention
Work in different schools and Infant and Toddlers.
Basic home care
Private clinic
I worked summer camp positions in arts and crafts until recently
Early Intervention & Private cases
pediatric acute care, consultation for children’s services
I co-coordinate an intensive needs summer program at our school. We have lots of fun. I have been doing this every summer for 7 years now.
On-call at skilled nursing facility
Home health
PRN skilled nursing
Also work at an additional school that is not my usual caseload for six weeks
Quality time with my children
Diagnostics for early childhood
Other therapists can sub positions so IEP’s are met.
Work in my current school district.
Summer program runs for only 4 weeks.
also work in a short term rehab/LTC facilicy
respite care in the summer, PRN at a SNF 2 hours from my home, and worked at a frozen yogurt place.
Home Health
hospital and inpatient rehab
geriatrics – skilled nursing facilities
early intervention (0-3 years) for different agency
Answer our current survey.
Do school based therapists work over the summer