Meet the Therapist Letter Freebie for Back to School

Meet the Therapist Letter

Meet the Therapist Letter Freebie for Back to School Back to school is upon and one of the most important jobs of a school based therapist is to keep open lines of communication with teachers, staff, and parents.  Complete this FREE Meet the Therapist Letter for Back to School to start the year off right […]

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Do School Based Therapists Work Over the Summer?

Do School Based Therapists Work Over the Summer

Do school based therapists work over the summer? Many times school based therapists are asked if they work over the summer.  For the past few months, the Your Therapy Source survey asked this question.  One of the reasons was to determine a general idea of whether school based occupational or physical therapists work over the […]

10 Tips to Help Students to Stay Organized

Do you work with students who have trouble with organizational skills?  It can be very difficult to manage assignments, books, notebooks, calculators, folders, pens and pencils especially when you have to move from class to class.  Here are 10 tips to help students to stay organized: Be a good role model i.e. have desk and classroom […]


What Have You Learned From Other School Staff?

What have you learned from other school staff this year?  As school based occupational and physical therapists, we can learn so much from teachers, teacher assistants, administrators, school nurses, school counselors and other staff members.  We may know lots of information on fine motor skills, gross motor skills, visual perceptual skills, sensory processing and coordination […]


5 Multi-Purpose, Lightweight Items for Your Therapy Bag

Easy To Carry Items for Therapy Bag

A day on the life of a traveling school based therapist goes something like this.  Pack up a bag at home of equipment and tools  (i.e. toys, games, paper and activities) that you will need for your therapy sessions.  Some of the equipment may not be easy to carry since many therapy sessions incorporate gross […]

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7 Simple Tips to Help Students Process Sensory Information

Have you ever been in a classroom as an adult?  Wow, they can be chaotic, loud and overwhelming for anyone.  The days of students sitting in the desks quietly working are over.  Cooperative learning, alternative seating arrangements and group projects have turned the classroom environment upside down.  On one hand it is a constant learning […]

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Groundhog Day Visual & Gross Motor Challenge

Take the Groundhog Day Motor Minute Challenge.  Can you complete all the visual motor and gross motor tasks on this page in under two minutes?  This is quick, NO PREP, warm up activity, brain break, indoor recess or boredom buster for Groundhog Day.  And it is FREE! Woohoo!  We all love free. If you like […]

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Figure Ground and Spatial Reasoning Activities

These two figure ground and spatial reasoning activities are free from the Crocodiles, Flamingos and Monkeys Visual Perceptual packet.  Can you count how many crocodiles are in the picture?  This figure ground activity can be printed to provide your students with a visual perceptual challenge.  Can you use spatial reasoning and visual motor skills to […]

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Working Conditions Survey Results for School Based Therapists

The working conditions survey results for school based therapists have been summarized.  As you can see from the results, there were 431 responses to the questions about working conditions.  Frankly, I was shocked that close to 79% of the school based therapists felt that a national organization should be formed to establish working condition standards ( […]

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Cut, Sequence, Paste and Draw Penguin

Here is a penguin activity that includes scissor skills, sequencing, motor planning, visual motor skills and following directions!  All on one piece of paper (translation: NO PREP activity).  This penguin activity is from the Cut, Sequence, Paste and Draw – Arctic Animals.   Print out this activity and the child can cut, sequence, paste and […]