How To Help Students Take Organized Notes

Students Take Organized NotesHow To Help Students Take Organized Notes

Do you work with students who need help taking organized notes?  Do you have students who struggle with working memory?  The Cornell Note Taking System helps students to take effective, organized notes and study the material.

The Cornell method was a system created by Walter Pauk, an education professor at Cornell University, to provide students with a systematic format for condensing and organizing notes.

Help Students to Take Organized Notes

The Cornell Note Taking System is divided into several steps:

Step 1:  Record Notes – Write notes in the note taking column on paper that is divided into different sections.  See below to download your FREE copy of the template.  Use short sentences or phrases for the notes.

Step 2:  Key Points/ Questions –  When the class period is over, write the key points or questions in the left-hand column on the paper.  This step helps students to clarify meaning, strengthen memory skills and assist with studying.

Step 3:  Recite – Cover the notes section and in your own words recite out loud the answers to the questions that you formulated in step 2.  This step helps students with understanding the material and long term memory.

 Step 4: Reflect – Think about the material you are learning to make connections with previous facts, ideas, and experiences.

Step 5:  Review – Write a summary of the notes at the bottom of the page in your own words.  Review all the material weekly to prepare for future tests.


Looking for more note taking templates?  Check out the 11-page packet of Cornell Note Taking Templates.

Reference:  Cornell University.  The Cornell Note Taking System.  Retrieved on 9/8/17 at http://lsc.cornell.edu/study-skills/cornell-note-taking-system/.

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Help Students to Take Organized Notes