Selfie Elf Challenge – Get Kids Moving

Selfie Elf ChallengeSelfie Elf Challenge – Get Kids Moving

Are you up for a challenge to get the kids moving?  Download this FREE Selfie Elf Challenge at the end of the post.  See if the children can match the elf poses EXACTLY with their bodies and snap a photo.  Show the picture to the child and see if they notice any differences between their pose and the elf’s pose.

For example, ask the child if they are holding up the correct hand (right or left), do the facial expressions match and do the legs match (right and left)?  Repeat for each elf pose.

This would be a great partner activity – one child snaps the photo and checks for an exact match.  Then switch.

Want to do it as a group?  Snap photos of them all doing the same pose.

Don’t want to use a photo?  Just mimic the elf actions on the page.

Want to make this activity more difficult?  Call out a number and the child have to match that elf.  Call out 2 numbers in a row and the children have to match those two poses.  Call out 3 numbers in a row, the children have to remember the number sequence and match the poses in the correct order.  Continue all the way up to calling out 6 numbers.

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Selfie Elf Challenge from Your Therapy Source