Leap into the New Year Activity for 2018

Leap into the New Year Activity for 2018

Can you believe it will soon be 2018?  I certainly can not.  The Fall always seems to go by so quickly.  Back to school quickly morphs into Halloween, then Thanksgiving, the December holidays and BOOM New Year’s Eve.  The younger you are the better this celebration.  Kids and teenagers love to stay up until midnight and parents not so much haha!  The latest themed sensory motor packet is to help celebrate the new year.

This Leap into the New Year Activity for 2018 is from the New Year’s Sensory Motor Packet.  Children can practice all the different types of leaps.  Print and test your leaping skills.


Check out the complete New Year’s Sensory Motor packet.

New Year's Sensory Motor

This download is great for schools that only allow secular holiday activities.  It is also wonderful for your own children.  Waiting up until midnight can get loooooooooong with young children.  This packet will help to keep the children busy until the countdown.  Find out more here.