Star Wars Brain Break Workout

Star Wars Brain Break WorkoutStar Wars Brain Break Workout

Do you know any children who love Star Wars? Why not add in some physical activity? This is a great, fun, NO-PREP one page FREE printable to get your Star Wars Brain Break Workout started!

Children can follow along with each exercise below for a quick brain break or anytime you need some aerobic activity, muscle strengthening, balance and coordination skill practice.  Research has shown that 5-20 minute movement breaks in the classroom can positively affect the following:

  1. cognitive skills including executive function, attention span, memory skills and verbal comprehension
  2. academic achievement on test scores
  3. attitude changes in motivation and self-concept
  4. on task behaviors
  5. organizational skills
  6. motor planning
  7. impulse control

In addition, research has also indicated that students can retain information longer when gestures are used to learn the material.

Therefore, why not try adding brain breaks to your classroom routine and start off with this highly engaging Star Wars Brain Break Workout.


Toe touches
Arm circles
Run in place
Walk backwards
Arms overhead
Reverse jumps
Stomp feet
Get the complete Star Wars Sensory Motor digital download to practice fine motor, gross motor, and visual perpetual skills.
Star Wars Sensory Motor Packet
Here is what is included in the Star Wars Sensory Motor digital download:
3 easy mazes
5 harder mazes
A to Z Alphabet Maze
BB-8 Letter Bb maze
Fighter Pattern Puzzle
Copy the Picture of C-3PO, R2-D2, and BB-8
2 Copy the Path Grid Activities
3 Complete the Missing Half Pictures
Star Wars Memory Game
Star Wars Word Search
Star Wars Coloring Page
Ready, Set, Scan Star Wars Activity
Star Wars Scavenger Hunt
How Many Stormtroopers Game
Fighter Flights Physical Activity
Pin the Nose of Chewbacca
Lightsaber Training
May the Force be with You
Star Wars Path
Don’t Eat It
R2-D2 Hangman
Find and Draw
Need to settle the class back down after a brain break?  Breathing breaks can help to decrease stress,  reduce anxiety,  remain calm,  strengthen sustained attention, sharpen the ability to learn and more! Find out more.
Star Wars Brain Break Workout from Your Therapy Source - great for a Star Wars Party too!