5 Ways To Teach Your Children to Be Independent

5 Ways to Teach Your Children to Be Independent with Life Skills and Daily Routine. Parenting tips.5 Ways To Teach Your Children to Be Independent

As a parent, teaching your children life skills and daily activities is one tough job.  It always seems like when your life is the most hectic, you need your children to be more independent throughout the daily routine.  As a mother of 6 children, I know this all too well.  Take the morning routine for example – the kids get up, eat breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed, organize school work, pack lunches and more.  All at the same time that parents are trying to get themselves ready for work.  When children can be independent, it can make life at home easier.  As parents, we can get caught in a trap where we do too much for our children or rely on daycare or school to teach our children certain life skills.  At the end of the day, children need our time at home to help teach them life skills.

Here are 5 simple way to get started right away to teach your children to be independent:

  1.  Use slip-on shoes when children are young – Try boots, crocs, or moccasins.  Kids can get these on easily and independently at a young age.
  2. Teach the flip coat method – Are you familiar with the Montessori Method of getting a coat on?  Children are able to get their coats on by themselves at a younger age by using this method.  You put the coat on the ground with the hood at the child’s feet.  They slip their arms into the coat and flip it over their head to get it on (watch the video below).
  3. Assign them chores they can do completely by themselves – Keep it super simple.  Kids LOVE to help but sometimes it can make it more difficult if a parent has their own chores to do.  Try chores such as wiping tables, feeding the pets, refilling napkins or sorting socks to start.  Children will be proud of themselves that they can do it without help.
  4. Allow for plenty of practice time and try different methods of teaching certain skills – Make time in your schedule to give extra time to practice new skills.  Do not try to teach new skills when you are running out the door in the morning.  Try different ways of teaching skills.  For example, some children will be able to learn how to tie their sneakers using the old fashioned way but others may need to learn a different way (see video).
  5. Modify the environment so children can be independent – For example, provide a stool at the sink so children can reach the water to wash their hands, get a drink or brush their teeth.

One super helpful tip to continue to encourage independence is to follow a routine.  Children will know what is expected of them in the morning, after school and evening.  Daily Routine Visual Schedules digital download includes 70+ picture icons for Morning Routines, School Routines, Afternoon Routines and Evening Routines. The pictures are suitable for all ages.

Watch the video to view 5 Ways To Teach Your Children to Be Independent.

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5 Ways to Teach Your Children to Be Independent with Life Skills and Daily Routine. Parenting tips.