Spring Mystery Word Visual Perceptual Puzzle

Spring Mystery Word Visual Perceptual PuzzleSpring Mystery Word Visual Perceptual Puzzle

Check out this Spring Mystery Word visual perceptual puzzle freebie!  This FREE printable challenges letter recognition, visual constancy, visual scanning, visual discrimination and visual motor skills.  ALL ON ONE PIECE OF PAPER – woohoo!  You can download it at the bottom of this post.

Solve the Spring Mystery Word visual perceptual puzzle by crossing out any letters that are repeated more than once.  When done, write any letters that are left in the spaces at the bottom of the page.

If a child finishes quickly, they can color the birds and flowers on the page.

Visual discrimination skills require the ability to recognize similarities and differences between shapes, size, colors, objects, and patterns.  This ability helps children to determine differences and similarities between objects helps us to understand and interpret the environment around us.  Visual discrimination is especially important to learn how to read and write.  Children to be able to identify the differences between letters quickly.  For more activities to practice visual discrimination skills, check out this complete Visual Discrimination puzzle pack that includes letter and number visual discrimination practice PLUS physical activity!

Visual Discrimination Puzzles

If you are looking for more Spring themed sensory-motor activities, check out this AWESOME bundle.  It includes 12 packets to practice visual perceptual, fine motor, gross motor and handwriting skills all with a Spring theme!

Spring Sensory Motor Bundle

Ready to download your FREE copy of the Spring Mystery Word puzzle?  See below.  If you are unable to solve it, send me an email to request the solution!


Spring Mystery Word Visual Perceptual Puzzle