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Multisensory Alphabet Freebie

Multisensory Alphabet FreebieMultisensory Alphabet Freebie

Teaching children to learn all the letters of the alphabet is not an easy task.  Research indicates that children need visual, auditory, oral and kinesthetic input to achieve letter recognition. This multisensory alphabet freebie provides all of that input on one NO PREP activity sheet (download at the bottom of the post).  Just print in color or set your printer to grayscale.  Students need to perform the following activities for the Letter Aa:

  • Rainbow write the letters
  • Practice writing the letters
  • Air write the letters
  • Sign the letter using their hand
  • Move like the letter
  • Find and circle the correct letters (in different fonts and compared to other letters)
  • Say the letter
  • Cut out pictures that start with the letter
  • Paste the correct pictures

This freebie is from the Multisensory Alphabet Activities digital download packet. The Multisensory Alphabet Activities digital download includes 26 activity pages for each letter of the alphabet plus a bonus rubric to track progress.  Research indicates that children need to master four components in order to identify letters: letter recognition – the ability to recognize the shape and size of the letter, letter naming – recognizing that the shape of the letter is associated with a letter name, letter sound knowledge – determining what sound corresponds to the shape or name of the letter and letter writing – the ability to trace or write the letter with a pen in accordance with its shape and direction (Bara & Bonneton-Botte, 2017).  Each worksheet addresses each of these components in addition to movement activities.  A font similar to the Zaner-Bloser® font is used with dotted lines.  FIND OUT MORE.

Multisensory Alphabet Activities from Your Therapy Source


Looking for more multisensory activities?

The ABC’s of Active Learning © offers readers tons of multisensory literacy activities based on each alphabet letter.  This book, based on years of experience as school-based therapists, is written by Laurie Gombash, PT with a Master’s degree in Education and Lindsey Justice, OT.  FIND OUT MORE.

The ABC’s of Movement® is a pdf document of educational flash cards that combine movement with literacy development. Kids love these colorful flash cards that merge learning the alphabet with twenty-six fun, noncompetitive movement activities. Designed for children of all abilities from preschool through 2nd grade, these flash cards were developed by a physical therapist with learning and physical development in mind. Ideal for home and school use. These bright, bold letters and full-color photographs of children make learning easy and fun!

Alphabet Movement Cards – Multisensory Learning

Looking for more multisensory handwriting activities?  Check out a HUGE collection here – it includes the Multisensory Alphabet too!


Bara, F., & Bonneton-Botté, N. (2017). Learning Letters With the Whole Body: Visuomotor Versus Visual Teaching in Kindergarten. Perceptual and motor skills, 0031512517742284.