Unraveling Handwriting and Typing in Adolescents

In an age where typing is gradually taking over handwriting in different areas of life, from social communication to professional tasks, there’s a growing need to work on unraveling handwriting and typing in adolescents. Historically, handwriting has been the center of research and educational practice, while typing has often been left to individuals to learn […]


Handwriting Paper Printable – FREE

Free handwriting paper printable from Your Therapy Source

Handwriting paper is a necessary tool for elementary students learning how to write. Many schools provide handwriting paper, but sometimes it’s nice to have extra on hand. These printable handwriting paper templates are perfect for practicing letter formation skills. There is a nice variety to choose from based on your student’s ability and age. Best […]

Occupational Therapy and Handwriting

WHY ARE CHILDREN REFERRED FOR OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY HANDWRITING HELP? Read about the research for what interventions can help.

Do you have questions about occupational therapy and handwriting? Perhaps you wonder what the evidence is to support occupational therapy interventions for handwriting. Researchers did a scoping evidence review on handwriting deficits in elementary-aged school children. WHY ARE CHILDREN REFERRED FOR OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY HANDWRITING HELP? Many children struggle with poor handwriting, and this can be […]