Physical Activity and Autism

Physical Activity and Autism Evidence-Based ResearchPhysical Activity and Autism

Autism Research published a meta-analysis on physical activity and autism.  The goal of the research was to determine the effect of physical activity interventions on children with autism spectrum disorder.  The meta-analysis included 29 studies with 30 independent samples (N = 1009).  The research on physical activity and autism indicated the following:

– overall moderate effect (g = 0.62) of physical activity interventions on a variety of outcomes.

– moderate to large positive effects were revealed for participants exposed to interventions targeting the development of:

  • manipulative skills.
  • locomotor skills.
  • skill-related fitness
  • social functioning
  • muscular strength and endurance.

– the environment was the only subgrouping variable (intervention characteristics) to produce a significant difference between moderators.

The researchers concluded that physical activity is an evidence-based strategy for youth with autism spectrum disorder.

Reference:  Healy, S., Nacario, A., Braithwaite, R. E., & Hopper, C. (2018). The effect of physical activity interventions on youth with autism spectrum disorder: A meta‐analysis. Autism Research.


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Physical Activity and Autism - Evidence-Based Research