Clip Cards for Hand Strengthening – FREE

Clip Cards for Hand Strengthening - FREEClip Cards for Hand Strengthening

Have you ever tried clip cards for hand strengthening?  Clip cards are task cards for children to mark the correct answer using a clothespin.  The opening and closing of the clothespin encourages hand strengthening.  In addition, academic material can be reviewed such as colors, letters, numbers and letter sounds.

This 9-page FREE pdf printable digital download includes 52 clip cards for hand strengthening and learning beginning letter sounds (you can download at the bottom of the post).  There are 2 clip cards for each letter of the alphabet.  The child needs to determine the beginning letter sound and clip the clothespin onto the correct letter.  You will need to print the clip cards on cardstock paper.  The PDF is all black and white so it is economical for printing.

If you do not have clothespins, you could use paper clips to mark the correct letter.  Another option is to have the child circle, trace or color the correct letter.

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Looking for MORE easy, fun ideas for hand strengthening activities for kids that require little to no equipment and no, extensive preparation?  The Hand Strengthening Workbook here.

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Clip Cards encourage:

Clip Cards for Hand Strengthening - FREE