Visual Motor Activities – 10 Free Worksheets to Print and Play

Here are 10 free visual motor activities printables - just print, grab a pencil and you are all set!!! 

What are visual motor activities?

Visual-motor activities help children to practice coordinating the hands, arms, legs, and body with the eyes.  Visual-motor skills help us to complete activities of daily living such as buttoning a shirt, fine motor skills such as handwriting, gross motor skills such as catching and throwing, and many other visual perceptual skills such as copying from the board.  There are many other ways to practice these skills.

Types of visual motor activities

There are many different types of fun activities you can do with your students to work on their visual motor skills.  Here are some great easy types of visual motor activities.  Try some of the printables below.


Your students can work on pencil control by drawing simple drawings or simple pictures. Even scribbling or drawing diagonal lines, horizontal lines, and vertical lines can be beneficial to enhancing visual motor skills.


Working on writing letters of the alphabet is one way to work on visual motor skills. Mix it up by using uppercase letters and lowercase letters.


Puzzles are great for eye-hand coordination and visual-spatial skills. Start with easy puzzles and work up to more difficult ones.

Building Blocks

Building blocks or other construction toys are perfect for visual motor activities. You can work on eye-hand coordination as well as fine motor skills.


Having your students work through a maze is a great way to work on visual tracking skills, which help deepen visual motor skills.

10 FREE Worksheets to Print and Play

Here are 10 free visual motor activities printables – just print, grab a pencil and you are all set!!!

1.  Visual-Motor Exercise – download the directions and free longer maze to complete

2.  2 Pages from Visual Motor Workbook – from the complete Visual Motor Workbook

3.  Follow the Path – copy the dot to dot diagrams to practice visual motor and visual-spatial skills.

4.  Letter and Shape Maze – download two mazes: circle and the letter c

5.  Connect Puzzle – challenge visual motor, visual-spatial and motor planning skills with this puzzle.

6.  Graph Paper Drawing – download a 10×10 grid drawing to copy to practice visual motor, visual spatial and visual closure skills.

7.  Crossing Path Puzzle – practice visual motor, visual spatial and motor planning skills all with this pencil and paper game.

8.  Frog Grid Drawing – download this puzzle to work on spatial reasoning and visual motor skills.

9.  Patterns Freebies – this freebie includes 7 pages to practice visual motor skills!

10.  Lines, Lines and More Lines Freebie – this includes simple visual-motor activities and a construction themed more challenging visual motor game.

Looking for a deal?

If you are looking for a deal on visual motor worksheets, the Visual Motor Bundle includes 18 visual motor titles.  You can view all the titles included in the bundle here.

Visit Your Therapy Source for more visual perceptual activities.

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Here are 10 free visual motor activities printables - just print, grab a pencil and you are all set!!!