Brain Humming Technique for Self Regulation

Breathing techniques offer easy-to-practice activities for building basic self-regulation in the body of youngsters in your classroom. When you connect children to an awareness of how they are breathing and give ways they can change and manage their breath themselves, you give them a life-long tool for healthy self-regulation. The Brain Humming Technique or humming breath is like giving yourself a big hug, and so wonderful for calming, centering, and soothing.  It’s a tool you can recommend using on a regular basis, before starting any new activity.  It also works well when children are feeling frustrated, overwhelmed or irritable.

Self-regulation is the ability to control and navigate one’s feelings, impulses, and behaviors. When children are self-regulated, they can both stop or start doing something, even if they don’t want to. They can delay gratification; think ahead; control impulses and consider options. Breathing techniques give children something specific to do to support themselves when confronted with the challenges of transitions, sharing, waiting, and re-directing impulses.

Breathing exercises are a first step in helping children enhance their capacity to monitor and manage themselves, so they can start to self-regulate sufficiently to feel successful in a school setting.

How to Do the Brain Humming Technique with Your Students

Humming breath is part of the 16 Self-Regulation Flash Card Set that includes health lessons and self-regulation techniques that combine activities based on creative movement, yoga, and Brain Gym(R).

When To Use Humming Breath

Your students and yourself, can use the brain humming technique when:

  • You feel overwhelmed
  • You feel frustrated
  • You are upset.

The Steps of Brain Humming Technique or Humming Breath

Here are the steps for humming breath:

  • Place one hand on your belly button, place the other hand in the middle of your chest.
  • Press your thumb and forefinger lightly into the soft tissue points beneath the collar bones, on either side of the sternum.
  • Take a deep breath in and then HUM on a long exhale.
  • Repeat one more time switching your hand position.
  • Enjoy the soothing vibration of the sound and remember that everything will be okay.

Want More Helpful Ideas for Self-Regulation?

The Self-Regulation Flash Cards includes health lessons and self-regulation techniques that combine creative movement, yoga and Brain Gym(R).

The Humming Breath activity is part of the Adventure Series. The Adventure Skill Self-Regulation Flash Cards are printable (or printed) 11″ x 8.5” cards in PDF format, with colorful images on the front and easy-to-follow directions on the back.

They offer child-friendly activities that support well-being, physical development and enhance social-emotional learning. The 16 Adventure Skill Self-Regulation Flash Cards are all of the kid-friendly health and self-regulation techniques taught and used in the yoga adventures

Use them at home and at school to:

  • encourage physical activity
  • take a brain break
  • Teach/Reinforce the use of the Scooter & Me Adventure Skills
  • Manage stress and enhance well-being, focus, and learning
  • Develop impulse control, thoughtful behavior, and emotional resilience

The activities are a combination of creative movement, yoga, Brain Gym(R), and educational research to optimize physical and cognitive development.