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Santa Brain Break

Here is a super simple Santa brain break to help you get moving this holiday season. Hit play on the video or print the handout to increase your physical activity this Christmas season. The kids will have lots of fun dancing like Santa Claus.

Here is a super simple Santa brain break to help you get moving this holiday season.

How Does the Santa Brain Break Work?

This fun brain break is super easy. You can access the video and the handout at the bottom of this blog post.

For the video version, all you need to do is hit play on the video. Then hit pause. Whatever number you land on, you need to copy the dance movements of the big guy in the red suit. Santa has some serious rock n’ roll style whether he is doing the floss or disco dancing.

Another option is to play the video and get moving to the dance songs.  Do you own dance moves. Then when you fit pause, FREEZE in the exact Santa move based on the number you land on. 

For example, hit play and dance like crazy. When you hit pause and you land on the number 2 FREEZE in that position until the teacher hits play again on the Santa spinner.

Who Is the Game For?

Everyone loves to dance with Santa! This game is great for:

  • preschoolers
  • elementary age children
  • special education classes

When to Use the Santa Brain Break

This free brain break is great for:

  • indoor recess
  • getting wiggles out of your little learners 
  • adding movement to your Christmas celebration
  • Christmas brain breaks to add movement to your lessons
  • physical education classroom during the month of December
  • carryover activities for the kiddos at home over the Christmas break
  • adding sensory motor activities and motor planning to your Occupational Therapy or Physical Therapy session

More Fun Santa Activities

If you are looking for a fun, easy-to-use, interactive game that you can use digitally or print, check out Santa Says.  Children can click on a letter and perform the activities from A to Z that Santa Says. It doesn’t get any easier than this to add a brain break to your plans this December.

Check out these Christmas Brain Break Cards and Spinners to entertain the kids! Includes all sorts of cute ideas that include reindeer, Christmas trees, jingle bells, and more! 

Get everything planned for December at one time with this awesome bundle! The December Bundle includes 22 digital downloads that encourage fine motor, gross motor, visual perceptual and handwriting skills all with a Holiday theme. 

Check out this Christmas Brain Break video too!

What Skills are Kids Working on With this Printable and Video Activity?

This activity encourages children to practice the following skills:

How to Access the Activity

Do you want a copy of the printable activity sheet?

You can access the free action packed, Santa Brain Break Dance PDF and VIDEO here.

This resource provides a QR code or link to access the video. No internet access? No problem! Simply print the activity and use a paper clip and a pencil to make a spinner. Turn on a bunch of celebration songs, spin the spinner, and get your Santa groove on!