Motivational Games for Students

It’s no secret that motivating students in a classroom can be a tricky task. When extrinsic motivation sources—like rewards or punishment—don’t seem to work, it can be hard to come up with an alternative solution. Luckily, the answer might lie in introducing motivational games for students into your lessons! Incorporating these educational and fun activities […]

Classroom Fidgets – FREE Tools to Help!

Do you find your students playing with classroom fidgets? Perhaps they treat them more like fidget toys than tools? Try using this FREE self generated data collection tool with your students to determine if classroom fidgets are helping. It will help them explore about their sensory preferences and how they learn best. Learning how to […]

Valentine Color By Number Worksheets

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we wanted to share a fun and festive coloring activity for your students or children! These Valentine color by number worksheets are a great way to celebrate love and practice fine motor and gross motor skills. You can download the three free printable coloring pages at the bottom […]

504 Accommodations for ADHD

Learn more about 504 accommodations for ADHD and how they can help students with ADHD throughout the school day.

Do you have a student with ADHD? Are you looking for ways to help ADHD students succeed in your school district? A 504 plan with ADHD accommodations may be the answer. If a child’s progress in school is slow and the child qualifies, a 504 plan may be developed with the help of the school […]

Problem Solving Goals Speech Therapy

Some students have problem solving goals for speech therapy. Problem-solving looks different at different levels of development

All children are required to solve-problems throughout their school day. Most curricula, be it the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), or various social emotional learning programs, require students to solve problems. Social communication skills also rely heavily on children’s ability to recognize and solve problems. This is why some students have problem solving goals for […]

Winter Cats Puzzle

Do you love cats? You will love this Winter Cat Puzzle printable. Can you find and color the winter cats? You can download this puzzle for free at the bottom of this post. This freebie is from the Winter Visual Perceptual Puzzles packet. HOW TO COMPLETE THE WINTER CAT PUZZLE PDF? Download the cute puzzle […]

Tracing Cursive Letters Printable – FREE PDF

These tracing cursive letters printable worksheets help students learn cursive writing. Use the free cursive writing worksheets to learn to write the alphabet letters in upper and lower case. Easy Cursive Writing Instructions Learning cursive writing is easier when you practice over and over again. You need to practice the letter strokes daily. Educate your […]

Time Management Games for Students

Many teachers find themselves constantly searching for tools and activities to help their students learn how to manage their time efficiently. Teaching students this key skill is an important part of preparing them for the challenges ahead in life – from deadlines at school and college to tight schedules at work later on. Fortunately, there are […]

Fun Alphabet Games for Preschoolers

Fun alphabet games for preschoolers

As a teacher, you’re no stranger to engaging activities for young learners. With the alphabet as your trusty sidekick, there are many ways to make learning an enjoyable experience for preschoolers. From high-energy games that help kids practice letter recognition and repetition, to quieter activities that foster hands-on engagement with language arts concepts – there’s […]

Free Spot the Difference PDF Packet

Did you know that visual discrimination skills can be improved through fun activities like spot the difference? Spot the difference challenges students to look for small differences between two seemingly identical images. These differences can range from subtle color changes to differences in shapes, sizes, and objects. With this free spot the difference PDF packet, […]