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Color By Number Printable Summer FREE PDF

Summer break is a time for fun, relaxation, and a bit of creative learning. One unique activity that combines all these elements is the Color By Number Printable Summer Workout. This delightful blend of coloring and exercise is perfect for keeping kids engaged and active, whether at home, in the classroom, or on the go. With three exciting pictures to color—a beach ball, sunshine, and a popsicle—each page also incorporates exercises into the color-by-number code, making it a perfect activity for young kids and older kids alike. You can download this free printable at the bottom of the post.

The Perfect Activity for Summer Days

Summer days can sometimes feel long, and finding activities that entertain and educate can be challenging. The Color By Number Printable Summer Workout offers a fun way to keep kids busy while also helping them develop fine motor skills and number recognition. Each printable page features a mystery picture that kids reveal as they color by number, adding an element of surprise to the activity.

Combining Fun and Fitness

What makes this color by number printable truly unique is the addition of exercises to the code. For example, coloring a section of the beach ball might require completing ten jumping jacks, while the sunshine might involve five toe touches. This integration of movement and coloring keeps kids engaged and helps them stay active, providing a cool way to blend fun summer activities with physical exercise.

Free Printable Summer Color By Number Pages

These free printable summer color by number pages are a great way to keep kids entertained, whether they’re at home on a rainy day, in summer school, or even on a road trip. Each PDF file is designed to be easy to use, with clear instructions and vibrant images that are perfect for kids of all ages. 

Number Coloring Pages are Perfect for Classroom Use

Teachers, occupational therapists, physical therapists and parents looking for a fun summer activity for their students will find these number worksheets ideal for classroom use. They can serve as an independent work task, a fun activity for fast finishers, or a screen-free option for younger children. The mix of coloring and exercises also makes it suitable for middle school and high school students who need a quick break from more intense academic tasks.

Developing Early Math Skills

In addition to physical activity, the Color By Number Printable Summer Workout helps develop early math skills. As children match colors to numbers, they reinforce their number recognition and color word recognition. This dual focus on visual arts and early math makes it a valuable educational activity that supports learning in different ways.

Easy to Use and Fun for All Ages

These printable activities are designed to be straightforward and engaging. Whether you’re a parent looking for a simple coloring pages for a rainy day, or a teacher in need of a quick and easy activity for the end of the year, the Color By Number Printable Summer Workout is a versatile solution. It’s a lot of fun for kids of all ages and provides a great way to keep them learning and moving throughout the summer.

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Encouraging Healthy Habits with these Color By Number Printables

By incorporating exercises into the color by number code, this activity encourages healthy habits in a fun and engaging way to add to your summer fun. Kids will enjoy the challenge of completing each exercise as they work on their coloring, making it a fun way to promote physical activity and health.

Download Your Free Color By Number Printable Summer Workout

The Color By Number Printable Summer Workout is a fun summer activity that combines the joy of coloring with the benefits of exercise. It’s a perfect way to keep kids engaged, active, and learning during the summer months. Whether used for personal use or classroom activities, these free printable coloring pages offer a lot of fun and educational value. Download the PDF file today and enjoy a fun and productive summer with this unique color by number workout!