Three Easy Steps to Prevent Childhood Obesity

Pediatrics has published research on the association of 8550 four year olds in the United States, household routines and the effects on obesity. The researchers concluded that preschoolers who: eat evening meals as a family at least 5x/week get at least 10.5 hours of sleep per night have less than 2 hours of screen time […]

Recess then Lunch

Want to change a child’s eating habits and behaviors in school? Perhaps try scheduling recess before lunch. There have been several studies done that indicate recess before lunch results in improved behaviors, calmer students, less trips to the school nurse and healthier eating habits. Read the full article at the NY Times.


Outdoor Field Trips with the Family for Fall

Fall happens to be one of my favorite seasons. In upstate New York it is the calm before the storm. It begins to get chilly but we also have some great outdoor activities to enjoy. Plus, we try to take advantage of any nice days before the bitter cold of the winter sets in. To […]


Teaching Action Verbs – Get Moving!

A recent study caught my eye that television is not working when it comes to teaching action verbs to young children. Funny, but I could have told them that. Not sure why anyone would want to use a television set to teach a young child anything. To use it as a babysitter for a few […]


How To Get Your Child to Fall Asleep Faster…

Wanted to grab your attention with the title – hope it worked. So I am sure you are wondering what you can do to get a child to fall asleep faster… How about a guess – A. Warm milk and cookiesB. TV before bedC. Sleeping in Mom’s bedD. Increase activity. If you answered D you […]