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Treadmill versus Overground Walking and CP

Clinical Rehabilitation has published research comparing the effects of a 7 week treadmill training or overground walking program for children with cerebral palsy.  There was 36 participants in the study with cerebral palsy levels I-III on the Gross Motor Functional Classification System who were randomly assigned to the treadmill or overground walking group.  They completed […]


Treadmill Training in Adolescents with CP

Recent research compared two groups of adolescents with cerebral palsy.  One group was randomly assigned to treadmill training, 3 times per week, for 12 weeks.  The other group participated in traditional physical therapy sessions (3x/ week for 12 weeks) which included mat activities, balance training, gait training and functional gross motor activities.  Post test results […]


Home Treadmill Training and Spina Bifada

Recent research was published on a home treadmill training program for children with spina bifada. Eighteen children were assigned to the experimental group who participated in a 12 week, 2 times per week, home based progressive treadmill training program. The 14 children in the control group had their usual care for the 12 weeks. The […]