Ideas for Homemade Stencils

Cut out simple shapes from recycled plastic containers to create the stencils. See below for ideas.

Ideas for Homemade Stencils

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Negative Art Space:

  • Dip a pencil eraser into paint.
  • Dab circles inside the stencil space.
  • Remove the stencil to create the negative
    space art.

Adapted Stencil:

  • If a child has trouble holding the stencil down while tracing try gluing a pool noodle to the top of the shape you are tracing.
  • The pool noodle with be easier to grasp in addition it will help to provide equal pressure on the stencil to prevent it from moving.

Circle Art:

  • Trace the inside and outside of your homemade stencil with a dark color.
  • using watercolors or markers use different colors to paint inside the lines.