Are you familiar with electronic medical records, abbreviated as EMR?  Electronic medical records are a client’s evaluations and documentation in digital format.  Fusion has created EMR software that is specifically for OT, PT and SLPs.

The EMR Software for Pediatric OT, PT, & SLP

  • Built with input from Pediatric Therapy Clinics
  • Pediatric specific documentation (SOAPs, Evals, Goal bank)
  • Web-based – access from any web-enabled device
  • Teach Me provides on-demand walk-throughs of anything you want to do in Fusion

Integrated Scheduling


  • Color-coded calendar makes it easy to organize and track any schedule
  • Text & email patient appointment reminders
  • Scheduled appointments automatically generate needed documentation
  • “Find openings” feature makes scheduling new patients easy

Pediatric Documentation


  • Smart pediatric content for writing efficient SOAPs and Evals
  • 80+ therapist built Evaluation templates and Standardized Tests
  • Make beautiful reports that patients & parents actually understand

Built-in Goal Bank & Automated Progress Graphing


  • Visually graph goal progress
  • Use the metrics you need – track data in percentages, trials (x of y), feet, reps, assistance levels, and any other metric you use
  • Include goal graphs in progress reports
  • Set and track goal-mastery
Billing & Electronic Remits
  • Automatically generate claims from your documentation
  • Custom claim rules automate common claim edits, eliminating costly errors
  • Automate Electronic Remits

Management & Insights


  • Custom reports give you the data you need to make decisions about your clinic
  • Track patient appointments, therapist documents, and important billing data
  • Upload & store important documents in Fusion
  • Fax and email documents directly from Fusion
  • Directly connect every aspect of your clinic – Every appointment is matched with its documents and every document is matched to its claim.

If you would like more information on Fusion Web Clinic, pediatric therapy EMR software, request a demo:


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