Practice Grasp Patterns

Download the directions and pictures as a pdf document Practice Grasp Pattern

Practice Grasp Patterns

You can print out the above, print out the small letters or use any small pictures that you have.  Want to make it even easier, purchase some small stickers.

Glue the small images underneath different sized, recycled caps, lids and cups.  If you have glass stones you can glue them to the flat side of the stone.

1.  Memory Game:  Make two sets of images.  Turn all the images over face down.  Take turns trying to make matches.

2.  Lotto Boards:  Make some simple 3×3 lotto boards by placing the images under the caps and on the board.  Turn over a cap.  If you have the image on your board place it over the matching image.  The object of the game is to fill the board.

3.  Story Starters:  Turn over all the images face down.  Pick 6 caps.  Turn over the images.  Tell a short story that involves all the pictures.

4.  Handwriting Practice:  Turn over the images (letters or pictures) face down.  Turn over one cap.  Practice writing the letter or spelling the word that is the image.

5.  Timed Pick Up:  How fast can you turn over all the lids?  How fast can you pick up all the caps and keep them in your hand without dropping them?