Title:  Locomotor Games
By:  Your Therapy Source

Summary:  Download of locomotor and non-locomotor cards to play 12
suggested games to encourage physical activity and motor skill development

Product Details:
E-book - 19 pages
Language: English
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to download the book.  You will need Adobe Reader to open the book.
Summary:  This download is a collection 20 locomotor cards, 10 non locomotor cards, 10 body part cards, 10 directional
cards, 6 speed/path cards, 10 number cards, 30 object cards, 2 Roll and Move games and one relaxation poem.  The
locomotor games are quick to set up and require none or minimal equipment.  The locomotor games can be done indoors
or outdoors.   Most of the games can be done with one child or a group of children.  It does not get any easier than this to
encourage sensory motor activities in the classroom or home.   Also included is a poem poster to recite to calm down after
the activity breaks.  

Locomotor Games encourage:
  • gross motor skills
  • motor planning
  • body awareness
  • coordination
  • physical activity

As with all our products, the activities are reproducible to use over and over again with all the children that you teach.

View a
sample page of the locomotor cards.

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