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Make Your Own Play Time Kits

Are parents asking you for gift ideas for the holidays? Maybe you want to give your child’s teacher a special gift for the classroom? Why not try creating your own gifts to give. Just like the craft stores sell all of those kits to create anything that you can think of, how about create some fun play time kits on your own.

Step 1: Buy a plastic container with a lid or decorate a cardboard or shoe box.

Step 2: Decide on a theme. You could do an imaginary play theme, creativity theme, active theme, sensory theme, etc.

Here are some suggestions:

imaginary school – include a wipe off board, paper, red pen, back to school handwriting worksheets, pencil holder.

imaginary hospital – band aids, ace bandages, gauze and flashlight.

imaginary office – tape, stapler, paper, calculator, pens, pretend phone and name tags

arts and crafts – unusual crayon colors, scented markers, rainbow pencils and paper.

sensory – dollar store fidgets, different types of fabric swatches, smock and kids shaving cream

active – beach balls, Velcro catch, pedometer and mini movement breaks notepad

fine motor – Lego’s, fine motor breaks notepad, beads, lace and small clips.

Step 3: Gather all your supplies and put them in the box!

This is a great idea just to keep around your own house for some rainy day fun.