Motor Activity, Memory and Attention in Preschoolers

BMC Pediatrics published research that analyzed aerobic fitness, motor skills, dynamic balance, working memory and attention in 254 ethnically diverse preschoolers (mean age 5.2 years). Baseline data was collected along with data 9 months later. The results indicated the following:

  1. a cross sectional analysis indicated that aerobic fitness level was associated with better attention
  2. cross sectional analysis also indicated decreased time on agility test was associated with improved memory and attention
  3. longitudinal analysis over the 9 months revealed that baseline aerobic fitness was independently related to improved attention
  4. longitudinal analysis also revealed that baseline dynamic balance was related to improved working memory.

Read the complete study here.

Reference: Iris Niederer et al. Relationship of aerobic fitness and motor skills with memory and attention in preschoolers (Ballabeina): A cross-sectional and longitudinal study. BMC Pediatrics 2011, 11:34 doi:10.1186/1471-2431-11-34

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