Children’s Higher Physical Activity Levels Associated with Decreased Depression

Pediatrics published a meta-analysis on the association of children’s physical activity levels in childhood and adolescence with depression.  Fifty studies (89,894 participants) were included from 2005-2015 that measured physical activity in childhood or adolescence and examined its association with depression  The results indicated that stronger effect sizes were seen in studies with: cross-sectional versus longitudinal designs […]

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3 Free Animal Printables to Get Moving and Learning

Combine pretend play with physical activity while you move and learn with these free animal printables.  All you need to do is print the activities and you are set to go.  Not only will you be encouraging physical activity, proprioceptive input and body awareness but children will also review math concepts and practice visual perceptual […]

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Black Friday Sale Dollar Deals

Check out these $0.99 specials until 11/30/15: 1.  Scavenger Hunts – Encourage physical activity and visual perceptual skills while going on fun scavenger hunts. 2.  Tangrams for Kids – cut and paste puzzle projects for kids. 3.  December Handwriting Activities – over 40 pages of December holiday handwriting templates, visual motor and visual perceptual worksheets.

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Extra Physical Activity and Academic Achievement

Research on the impact of physical activity intervention program on academic achievement was published in the Journal of School Health. The study provided 408 twelve year olds with an additional two hours per week of extra play and motion activities. The control groups were three different schools (matched for male/female ratio, average level of income, […]

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Higher Aerobic Fitness and Improved Language Processing

Brain and Cognition published research on event-related brain potentials (ERPs) in children to determine the relationship between aerobic fitness and language processing.  ERPs were recorded while children read normal sentences and those containing semantic or syntactic violations.The following results were found: 1.  higher aerobically fit children exhibited greater amplitude when processing semantic information and shorter […]

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Exercise Participation: Cerebral Palsy

When recommending exercise and sports participation for children with cerebral palsy, there are many factors to consider. Research is constantly being collected and analyzed on the benefits of physical activity for people with cerebral palsy. One topic is the use of muscle strengthening exercises. Some current research states that progressive resistance exercises has been shown […]