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Twist (literally) on Puzzles Part #2

 I came across another idea on Pinterest about changing up puzzles.  Basically, using any picture or text that you would like, you can create a twisting puzzle.  For this example I printed out a picture on heavy duty cardstock that would wrap around this container with about an inch of overlap.  Cut the paper into strips.  I glued the bottom strip directly to the container so that it would not move.  Try and use a metal container (recycled can) so that is does not bend when doing the puzzle.

 Pictured below is all the strips already on the container.  I used tape to secure each strip.  You want them to be tight so they don’t slip but not so tight that they do not rotate.  That is why the tape came in handy because I had to reposition it to get it just right.

 Now mix up the puzzle pieces.

 Give it to the child to twist back into place matching up the bottom strip. 

 Puzzle solved!

If it is too difficult for the child to twist the pieces of the puzzle you can add little paper tabs to each piece.  You may want to add these anyway for variety of solving the puzzle.

Instead of using pictures, you could put spelling or sight words on it.  It does make a nice fidget to use while learning.  Have fun!

This activity encourages:

  • visual perceptual skills
  • fine motor skills
  • opening of the web space
  • bilateral coordination
  • grading of movement  

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