Air Mister Fun and Functional

After seeing these Air Misters from Target over at Play Counts, I knew they would be lots of fun.  For only $2.50 these Air Misters are available at Target in the dollar section.  Basically you fill the air mister with water, pump it to increase the pressure then press the button to gently mist the water.  Not only does this strengthen the arm, wrist, hand and finger muscles it is just plain fun.  The younger kids did need two hands to engage the mist so children with moderate weakness in the fingers may have trouble pressing the button to mist.  The kids thought of so many ideas to use the mister for: cool off your face, spray the hair, air mister tag, wash glasses, water plants and the most favorite water fountain.  The original blog post where I saw the idea, put colored water in and painted with them.  Loads of fun for $2.50.