10 Fun Upper Body Exercises for Kids

Upper body exercises and shoulder strengthening activities can help children develop the muscles necessary for so many skills such as handwriting, playing catch, reaching, picking up small objects and more.

Stability at the shoulder muscles is an essential component for coordination, postural control and fine motor skill development.  Basically anytime you move your hand and fingers you need your upper body and shoulders to either stabilize or actively contract. Upper body exercises for kids and shoulder strengthening activities can help children develop the muscles necessary […]

Does Working on a Vertical Surface Influence the Quality of Tracing or Copying?

Researchers recently carried out a study to determine if the quality or performance level was affected when you go from working on a horizontal to a vertical surface.

As pediatric therapists, we often recommend that students work on vertical surfaces such as a wall, easel or slant board to encourage an increase in wrist extension, elbow and shoulder stability, and upright posture.  By modifying the environment by moving tracing, copying, drawing, writing or play to vertical surfaces, you change the muscles that are […]


Strength and Fitness in Homeschool Children

Strength and Fitness in Homeschool Children:  Pediatric Exercise Science published research on 75 homeschooled children ages 8-11 years old comparing them to public school children with regards to muscular strength and cardiorespiratory fitness.  Each participant completed the curl-up, 90° push-up, and Progressive Aerobic Capacity Endurance Run (PACER) portions of the FitnessGram® to assess abdominal and upper body […]

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Fun Ideas for Hand Strengthening Activities for Kids

Looking for some easy, fun ideas for hand strengthening activities for kids that require little to no equipment and no, extensive preparation?  Check out these free sample pages from The Hand Strengthening Handbook.  Who knew you could do so many fun games and activities with donkey kicks?  How about using rubber bands in some creative […]

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Towel Activities from The Core Strengthening Handbook

Here is a sample page of 7 core strengthening activities to do with children using a towel.  You can download it here https://www.yourtherapysource.com/corestrengtheningfreebie.html  The activities are from the electronic book The Core Strengthening Handbook by Lauren Drobnjak, PT and Claire Heffron, OT. The Core Strengthening Handbook –  This download includes 50+ activities including: Quick and Easy Core Strengthening […]

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Norms for Core Strength in Children

Norms for Core Strength in Children

I frequently get asked where you can find norms to measure core strength in children.  As pediatric therapists, we sometimes use supine flexion, prone extension, modified sit ups and push ups as measures of core strength.  I don’t usually refer to the norms for core strength in children but more look at the quality of […]

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Growth Hormone and Motor Development in Children with Prader-Willi

Pediatrics published research on the effects of physical training combined with growth hormone (GH) on muscle thickness and its relationship with muscle strength and motor development in 22 infants with Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS) followed over 2 years. Muscle thickness was measured using ultrasound.  Muscle strength was assessed using the Infant Muscle Strength meter.  Finally, motor […]