Lucky Egg Exercise Game

Here is a simple game.  Gather some plastic Easter eggs.  Hide a few plastic bunnies or any trinket inside a few eggs to make lucky eggs.  Place the eggs in a basket.

Choose any exercise or activity or let the child choose to demonstrate an exercise or stretch.  Once completed, the child reaches into the basket to pull out an egg.  If a lucky egg is selected, the child gets a reward.  It could be a sticker, small treat or a quick, free choice game. 

The children I work with were very motivated to complete the exercises to see if they could find a lucky egg.  For rewards they got to pick a free choice game on the iPad (ie Tap the Frog, Fruit Ninja, Perry?)  These games are less than 30 seconds to participate in so it was easy to incorporate and move on to the next exercise. 

This was a simple, cheap game using leftover plastic eggs that was highly motivating for older children.