3 Free Dressing Games for the Smartboard or Computer

Learning to get dressed independently can be a difficult skill.  There are many ways to learn and practice this skill in real life situations obviously but sometimes a little novelty can add some motivation for a child.  These are obviously not the only games available but I like these because there are no advertisements that run before you need to use the game.  You do need Adobe Shockwave player to use the games so they will not work on the iPad.  Here are 3 free games on the computer that help to teach appropriate choice of clothing based on the weather or the activity:

1.  Caillou Dress Up Game:  Caillou will let you know what the weather is and the child needs to select the proper clothing based on the temperature outside.

2.  Sid the Science Kid Weather Wheel:  Click on the weather wheel to determine the conditions and then dress the character to match up with the weather.

3.  Muffy’s Wardrobe:  Instead of the weather, you can choose an activity for Muffy to participate in and then you must choose the right outfit for that activity.  

Step by Step Visual Directions to Teach Children How to Dress

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