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Clothing Fasteners and Gross Motor Skill Development

GROSS MOTOR SKILLS AND CLOTHING FASTENERS Buttons, zippers, snaps and buckles are all clothing fasteners that require finger dexterity and fine motor skills to open and close.  Did you know that they also require gross motor skills?  In order to be able to open and close traditional clothing fasteners one must have proper stability, postural […]

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5 Gross Motor Activities to Help with Dressing Skills

Gross motor activities that focus on postural control, trunk rotation, bilateral coordination, eye hand coordination, motor planning and balance skills are beneficial when it comes to developing independence with dressing. Here are 5 suggested activities:  Play games where the child has to reach outside of his/her base of support without falling over. Practice in sitting […]

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Gross Motor Skills and Independent Dressing

The ability to complete the functional task of dressing requires various gross motor skills, balance and coordination skills.  The Functional Skills for Kids series written by occupational and physical therapy bloggers on developing 12 functional skills for children continues today with the topic of dressing.  Each month throughout 2016, we will discuss the development of […]

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10 Tips to Teach Children Self Help Skills

Here are 10 tips to help teach children to be independent with self help skills and everyday routines: 1.  Make sure you have time to give the child your undivided attention when you are first teaching a new skill or routine.  Likewise, make sure that the child is paying attention when learning the skill.  Minimize […]


3 Free Dressing Games for the Smartboard or Computer

Learning to get dressed independently can be a difficult skill.  There are many ways to learn and practice this skill in real life situations obviously but sometimes a little novelty can add some motivation for a child.  These are obviously not the only games available but I like these because there are no advertisements that […]

Tips for Teaching a Child Dressing Skills

When children learn how to dress themselves it is a huge accomplishment. Independent dressing is a skill that needs to taught and practiced. Here are some tips for teaching a child how to dress: 1. Children will usually learn to undress first. Remember to allow children practice time to undress. Praise them for being independent […]