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Flower Fine Motor Activity

Flower Fine Motor Activity for Fall

Here is a fun flower activity for Fall. Write the child’s name, a shape or a pattern. Pick some Fall flowers. We used mums. Have the child squeeze some glue onto the first letter and spread it around. Use scissors to cut the petals or pull the petals off with the fingertips.  Scatter the petals on the glue.  

When you pull off the flower petals it smells amazing. Instead of giving the child a shape, have the child squeeze the glue anywhere on the paper to create any designs that he/she wishes. 

This activity encourages
1. Fine motor skills
2. Finger strengthening
3. Visual motor skills (placing the petals in the correct location)
4. Cutting practice
Need more activity ideas for Fall?  Check out Print and Create Fine Motor Projects for Fall – https://www.yourtherapysource.com/fmfall.