Color Cut Glue Scissor Practice for Winter

Color Cut Glue Scissor Practice for Winter

Color Cut Glue Scissor Practice for Winter We are back again with a new color, cut and glue project.  This time it is for Winter!  Download the Color Cut Glue Scissor Practice for Winter.  The black and white printable activity pages encourage children to practice coloring, cutting out simple shapes, planning out where to glue the […]

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Huge Freebie – Cut and Paste Puzzles

This is a huge 18 page FREE packet with two levels of cut and paste puzzles.  You can use the easier version where the picture is present to match up the puzzles pieces or use the more difficult version where the picture is not present.  Download the Cut and Paste Puzzle freebie here http://yourtherapysource.com/freecutpuzzles.html Check out […]

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Black Friday Sale Dollar Deals

Check out these $0.99 specials until 11/30/15: 1.  Scavenger Hunts – Encourage physical activity and visual perceptual skills while going on fun scavenger hunts. 2.  Tangrams for Kids – cut and paste puzzle projects for kids. 3.  December Handwriting Activities – over 40 pages of December holiday handwriting templates, visual motor and visual perceptual worksheets.

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5 Ways to Make Cutting Easier

  Here are 5 ways to help children learn how to use scissors and to make cutting a little bit easier. 1.  Use thicker paper when cutting.  Recycled mail, greeting cards or playing cards are fun and easier to cut up than regular paper.  Make it functional and the children can cut up junk mail […]

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Scissor Snipping Freebie

Here is a simple little freebie to practice scissor snipping skills and a short line.  You can choose to use a page with the lines or without guide lines. An adult can cut apart the three strips in the dotted lines. The child can color in the flowers, smile faces and balloons. The child can […]

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Circus Pencil Obstacle Course

Here is a creative, hand-drawn, Circus Pencil Obstacle Course. It was created by Jennifer Dodge, OTR.  She has created two great packets that allow children to practice pencil and scissor control in a super creative and fun manner.  You have to check these out for OT, teacher or parent led activities to help improve pencil […]

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Butterfly Color, Cut and Fold Freebie

Butterfly Cut and Fold: Practice coloring, scissors skills and folding paper with this activity. This are two versions – rounded corners or angled corners to cut. Available in black and white or color. You can download it here http://yourtherapysource.com/freebutterfly.html [subscribe2]

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Step By Step Directions for a Mini Snowman Scene

After seeing this artist trading card idea at Art Projects for Kids (excellent website by the way), I thought this would make a wonderful craft projects for children who can benefit from practicing fine motor skills, scissor skills, sequencing, visual motor skills and creativity. You can download the one page step by step directions fro the […]

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5 FREE Printables to Practice Scissor Skills and More

Here are 5 FREE printables to practice scissor skills, visual perceptual skills and motor planning skills: 1.  Step By Step Puppy – cut out the simple shapes and follow the step by step directions.  You can download it here http://yourtherapysource.com/stepsample.html 2.  Cutting Cards – Practice cutting skills on these smaller 3×5″ cards.  Download a few sample […]