3-D Lacing Activity

Add some dimension to a lacing activity.  You will need a piece of cardboard (I purchased left over mat board pieces at the craft store for dirt cheap), hole punch, pipe cleaners and an assortment of beads (or use pasta).  The adult needs to punch the holes around the edges of the cardboard.  It sure is a hand work out!

Provide the child with the pipe cleaners, beads and the lacing board.  This is a free form artwork so let the child create as he/she wishes.  Simply lace the pipe cleaner through a hole, add a bead or two and put the pipe cleaner back through another hole.

This activity can be re-used over and over again.  If the child wants to preserve the work, snap a picture of the design and print it out.

This activity encourages:

  • visual motor skills
  • fine motor skills
  • bilateral coordination
  • creativity

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