Balance Skills and Girls with Visual Impairment

Pediatric Physical Therapy published research on functional balance abilities in girls with visual impairment.  The participants included 26 girls, 10-15 years old, with visual impairment who were assessed with the Pediatric Balance Scale (PBS) and stabilography.  The following results were recorded:

  • balance difficulties appeared in single-leg stance, tandem stance, and reaching forward
  • PBS scores ranged from 47 to 56 
  • PBS scores correlated with all but 2 sway parameters 

The researchers concluded that girls with visual impairment may have difficulties in upright stance when the size of the base of support is narrowed and when the center of gravity approaches the edge of the base of support.  Treatment interventions should focus on improving the balance of girls with visual impairment.  

Reference:   Żyłka, Justyna MS, PT; Lach, Urszula MS, PT; Rutkowska, Izabela PhD, PT. Functional Balance Assessment With Pediatric Balance Scale in Girls With Visual Impairment. Pediatric Physical Therapy: Winter 2013 – Volume 25 – Issue 4 – p 460-466 doi: 10.1097/PEP.0b013e31829ddbc8

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