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Free App to Help with Self Regulation, Deep Breathing and Motor Planning

Here is a nice FREE app for little ones who needs some guidance with self regulation and motor planning.  It is called Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame Street.   

There are 5 different scenarios that include showing a monster getting frustrated with completing a skill.  The child has to tap, pop bubbles and more to help the monster calm down and think of a plan.  
The best way to check out this app is to download it and explore.  It has some great tips on teaching a child to deep breathe to calm down, to stop and think of a plan and then to act on that plan.  To me, it is like an interactive social story. 

Self Calming Strategies provides 16 helpful strategies to encourage self calming skills in children.  There are a variety of strategies offered including sensory, visual
imagery and more.   

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