5 Quick Fixes to Improve Your Therapy Sessions

5 quick fixes for OT/PT

Here are 5 quick fixes to improve your sessions when you are delivering therapy services:

1.   Arrangement of the Room:  If you have a therapy room or if you are pushing into another classroom how is the room arranged?  Is it cluttered?  Are there distractions? Is everything you need for your session available and ready to use?  These are all simple things to check and modify if necessary.  Remember keep it simple!

2.  Time Management:  Are you using your time wisely?  If transitioning to a therapy room, try and have a therapeutic activity planned for the trip (ie scooter board, skipping, etc.).  Remember to get started right away to keep the child’s attention.

3.  Be 100% present during the session:  Sometimes when we work with others in a therapy room or classroom, even adults can get distracted and start chatting.  Remember the child usually only has 30 minutes with you – use every second.

4.  Timing:  Keep your session moving at a good pace.  Move too slow and you will lose the child’s interest.  Move too fast and the child may become frustrated.  Each child’s pace is different but be sure to be aware of what speed will work best for a particular child.

5.  Set clear expectations:  Make sure the child understands exactly what you expect of him/her during the session.  Perhaps set a goal for each session to achieve.  Establish behavioral expectations as well and stick to them.


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