8 Ways for School Based Therapists to be Productive Over a Break

Bring productive over a break

Over a summer break or a school vacation can be a great time for school based therapists to catch up.  Here are 8 suggestions on how to be productive over a break.

1. Clean out – get rid of unnecessary paperwork and broken toys/ supplies.

2. Clean out your car – most likely if you are a school based therapist your trunk is loaded with therapy stuff.

3.  Create templates or forms for frequent communication.   Or just download and print School and Home Communication Forms for Therapists at http://yourtherapysource.com/commforms.html

4. Inspire yourself – read a book, journal article or research to add some new perspective on your therapy sessions

5. Relax – recharge yourself and take a break from all things therapy for awhile. It will enetgize you to be ready to return to work.

6. Reflect – what did you do right and what can you improve upon?

7. Review the curriculum so you are ready to help your students meet their educational goals.

8. Spend quality time with your family and appreciate what you have.

Any suggestions to add to the list?  How are you productive over a break?