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3 Tips to Encourage Movement and Reading in the Early Childhood Classroom

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In early childhood classrooms it can be easier to provide push in therapy treatment sessions. One easy way to incorporate movement in the classroom is during reading time.  Physical and occupational therapists can help to educate teachers on looking for books that encourage physical activity. Here are a few tips to encourage movement during reading time in the classroom.

1.  Find books that include animals, sports, transportation, or other movement type activities in the story. It will make it easier to incorporate actions while reading

2.  Try reading the book through the first time. Then the second time you read it the children can act out the motions to go along with the story.

3.  Make some cards with the action verbs on it from the story. Use those cards during other times during the day for movement break activities.

Here are a three suggested titles to get you started that encourage movement:
Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen
From Head to Toe by Eric Carle
Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boyton

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