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5 Tips on Including All Kids at School

5 tips on including all kids at school from www.YourTherapySource.comIn the classroom, on the playground and during recess all children should feel included. Many times pediatric therapists focus on environmental modifications. Don’t forget other types of modifications as well. Each child can bring their own unique abilities to a classroom setting. Here are several ideas to ensure that all kids are included during the school day:

1. Accept each child for who they are – don’t try to change a child, realize that each child has their own unique traits.

2. Encourage group participation – many parts make up a whole. We all benefit when we work together.

3. Acknowledge all efforts – make sure each child knows that their opinions and actions are valid and appreciated.

4. Promote group decision making – let all voices be heard to make a decision

5. Break up big, group projects into smaller parts – assign each child a small part that they can accomplish.


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