5 Key Themes that Parents View as Important in OT Assessments

5 key themes parents view as important in OT assessments - http://yourtherapysource.com/formsdata.htmlThe British Journal Of Occupational Therapy published research to determine what parents view as important, relevant, and understandable in occupational therapy assessment reports, and to explore evidence for best clinical report-writing practices in pediatrics.

This study comprised of only 10 parents but in-depth interviews were carried out to determine parent perspectives on reports written for their children.

The results identified 5 key themes that parents view as important:

  1. generating an accurate record of assessment.
  2. answering referral questions.
  3. understanding the language and terms in the reports.
  4. using the report for information sharing and partnership building.
  5. being prompted to take action with recommendations that parents can implement during everyday activities.

Reference: Makepeace, E. and Zwicker, J. Parent Perspectives on Occupational Therapy Assessment Reports. The British Journal of Occupational Therapy November 2014 vol. 77 no. 11 538-545. doi: 10.4276/030802214X14151078348396

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