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10 Everyday Activities to Practice Bilateral Integration

10 Everyday Activities for Bilateral Integration Skills from www.YourTherapySource.comTaking time out to perform specific home exercise programs can be very difficult during the busy lives of today’s children and parents.  Try to make it easier for parents by suggesting activities that can be carried out throughout the normal routine of the day.  Bilateral integration skills (the ability to use both sides of the body together) are a necessity for educational skills, leisure activities and organized events for children.

Here are 10 every day activities to practice bilateral integration:
1. Carry heavy objects ie books, boxes, etc.
2. Play sports such as basketball, soccer or baseball
3. Go swimming
4. Play musical instruments
5. Ride a bicycle
6. Cut out shapes with scissors
7. Tie your shoes
8. Play clapping games.
9. Prepare meals. – opening containers, stirring while you also hold the bowl, carrying heavy containers, carrying a tray,  etc
10. Jumping activities ie jumping rope, hopscotch, trampoline, etc.

What are your favorite bilateral integration activities?


Therapeutic Activities for Home and School from http://yourtherapysource.com/therexbook.html


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