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Motor Skills, ADHD and Medication

Motor skills medication and ADHD - www.YourTherapySource.comResearch in Developmental Disabilities published a review of 45 research articles analyzing the motor skills of of children (between 6-16 years old) with ADHD  and the influence of medication on their motor skills.

The results indicated the following:

1.  more than half of the children with ADHD have difficulties with gross and fine motor skills.

2.  children with ADHD inattentive subtype presented with more impairment of fine motor skills, slow reaction time, and online motor control during complex tasks.

3.  the percentage of children with ADHD who improved their motor skills to the normal range by using medication varied from 28% to 67% between studies.  The children who still show motor deficit while on medication might meet the diagnostic criteria of developmental coordination disorder (DCD).

The researchers recommend that assessment of motor skills is needed among children with ADHD because of the risk of reduced participation in activities of daily living that require motor coordination and attention.

Reference:  M.-L. Kaisera,Schoemakerb, J.-M. Albaretc , R.H. Geuzea. What is the evidence of impaired motor skills and motor control among children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)? Systematic review of the literature. Research in Developmental Disabilities
Volume 36, January 2015, Pages 338–357.


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