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Electronic Medical Records – Pediatric Therapy

Fusion Graphing Goals - Your Therapy Source

Are you familiar with electronic medical records abbreviated as EMR?  For most school based occupational and physical therapists, electronic medical records are not being used in school districts.  Some school districts do run software programs to generate and monitor progress for students’ IEPs. I recently had the chance to view a demonstration of an EMR system specifically for pediatric therapists called Fusion Web Clinic.  I have to admit I was quite impressed.  My background is as a school based physical therapist so my perspective is based on my experience from working in school districts and not as an outpatient therapist.  I will say this though, after seeing how easy it was to use this EMR system (which is ICD-10 & HIPAA Compliant), it made me want to open my own practice since the software seemed so streamlined, efficient and easy to use.  (Disclosure – I will receive a small affiliate fee if you sign up for Fusion Web Clinic).

In my opinion, here are the benefits of using Fusion Web Clinic for school based pediatric therapists:

  1. Documentation tools – need to write up an evaluation?  This has 80+ therapist built evaluation templates and standardized tests.  No need to copy and paste information on each standardized test – it is all done for you with a simple click.  A SOAP note format is used for documentation of individual sessions.
  2. Access –  it is web based software therefore you can log in from any device to use it.  Home computer, school computer, tablet, etc – just log in and start documenting.
  3. Easy scheduling – the scheduling feature is amazing if all the therapists that you work with are using Fusion.  You can view a client’s schedule including other services. No more running around to check if you can schedule a make up session at a certain time or day – just log in and see what Johnny’s schedule is for the week and add in your therapy make up session.
  4. Automated progress graphing – this is my favorite feature!  You can visually graph goal progress tracking data in percentages, trials (x of y), feet, reps, assistance levels, and any other metric you use!  This is an amazing feature for RTI data collection, quarterly and annual progress reports.

If you are an outpatient therapist or you own a clinic the billing and management tools are also amazing!

I highly suggest scheduling a demonstration for yourself.  Each therapist has different tools that they need so when they walk you through the software you can ask any questions you may have specific to your situation as a pediatric therapist.  Fill out the form below to request a demo from Fusion Web Clinic.